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About Us

Coast to Coast is led by Fiba certified agent Rui Nunes. The agency cooperates mostly with other Fiba certified agents around the globe. A group of hardworking and experienced partner companies complement the agency. Our network allows us not only to promote our clients on a global scale but also to be close to them regardless of the market they are in. Over the years the agency has been able to recruit and place players from various college levels in multiple countries and different continents.

Pierre Newton played professional basketball internationally for seven years. He played in many countries such as India, Israel, Mexico, Luxembourg and Ireland before joining Coast to Coast as a Scout and in charge of Player Development. Pierre learned the ins and outs of the basketball business and has many resources internationally and his network database ranges from the Americas to Australia. He has developed into a great player development representative that helps educate players on right moves to make on the court but also away from basketball. Pierre received his bachelor’s degree in Business Communications from the University of Minnesota.

Family of Athletes – FOA Sports is our NBA partner. Led by NPBA-certified agent Billy Davis, they provide a bridge and opportunities for our clients that aim to succeed in the G-League and NBA with all the steps and preparation needed.


The focus of the agency is it to provide its clients the best possible representation. Our professionals take care of every part of our client's careers regardless of the market they are working or needs that they might have.

We can also count on Vassil Dimitrov in case our clients are affected by contractual breaches committed by basketball clubs anywhere in the world. Vassil has master’s degree in law from the Sofia University “St. Kliment Ohridski” in Bulgaria and completed a Sports law postgraduate course at the University of Hagen, Germany. Vassil Dimitrov is a sports lawyer that can represent the agency and its clients in front of the Basketball Arbitral Tribunal (BAT).

Blake Pokley is a certified Financial Planner with a Bachelor of Science degree in Finance with an Accounting minor from the Oakland University. Blake and his team from provide acces for our clients to professional financial planning services and education services. Our clients can educate themselves during or after their playing career on: Investments, Taxes, Budgets, Retirement, Estate Planning and Financial Education.

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Our clients have a worldwide network at their disposal and the needed expertise in one place. An intense selection process and restricted number of clients allows the agency to spend the time needed for each individual client to follow and boost their development.

Anyone that has worked with us, knows that we care about our clients. We want them to succeed and be happy. We are always reachable and whichever situation must be handled, we’ll be on top of it.